Press release

Press Release

24 September 2010

During the Session held on 22 September 2010 the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo deliberated and voted in three cases as follows.
In the Case KI 56/09, "Fadil HOXHA and 59 others Vs. the Municipal Assembly of Prizren", the Court deliberated and decided by majority vote that Referral is admissible. The Court also unanimously found that there has been a violation of the Applicants' right guaranteed by Article 52(2) of the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo .
In the Case KI 06/10, "Valon BISLIMI against Ministry of Internal Affairs, Kosovo Judicial Council and Ministry of Justice", the Court deliberated and unanimously decided that Referral is admissible. The Court also by unanimous vote found that there has been a violation of the Applicant's right to freedom of movement guaranteed by Article 35 (2) of the Constitution in conjunction with Article 2 of Protocol No.4 to the European Convention on Human Rights. The practice based on Memorandum of Understand ing of 21 August 2008, applied by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Municipal Court prevents the Applicant in enjoying his right to an effective legal remedy in violation of Article 54 of the Constitution. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has to decide on the Applicant's application for passport of 27 April 2009 in accordance with Law on Travel Documents within 30 days after receipt of this Judgment.
In the case KI 47/10, "Naim Rrustemi and 31 other Deputies of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo vs. His Excellency, Fatmir Sejdiu, President of the Republic of Kosovo", the Court found, by majority vote, that the Referral, submitted on 25 June 2010, is admissible. The Court also found that there has been a serious violation of the Constitution of Kosovo, namely, Article 88.2, by His Excellency, Fatmir Sejdiu, holding the office of President of the Republic as well as the position of Chairman/President of the political party "Democratic League of Kosovo" (LDK) at the same time.
The full texts of the Judgments in the above mentioned cases will be delivered shortly.

  • KI 61/11 and KI 55/13

    Constitutional Review of 2 Judgments of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kosovo namely, Rev. no. 434/2008 dated 23 February 2009 and Rev. no. 164/2010 dated 11 January 2013

  • KI94/13

    Constitutional review of the Judgment Ac. No. 324/12 of the District Court in Peja, dated 21 December 2012

  • KI 187/13

    Ocena ustavnosti neizvršenja odluke Žalbenog veća Vrhovnog suda, GSK-KPA-A-001/12 od 8. maja 2012. god., i odluke Komisije za imovinske zahteve Kosova br. KPCC/D/A/114/2011 od 22. juna 2011. god.,

  • KI 200/13

    Constitutional review of Judgments and of the Supreme Court of Kosovo of 24 June 2013 and of 20 January 2012, respectively, and Judgment of the District Court of Prizren of 11 May 2012


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